Sudoku is a very popular, logic-based number game. The rules of this puzzle are very simple. This puzzle is made of a 9*9 grid which contains nine 3*3 sub grid.  It comes with pre-set numbers that cannot be changed and the aim of the game is to fill the grids with numbers from 1 to 9. But you cannot repeat the numbers in the column, row or a sub grid. This game makes you think really hard keeping your brain active preventing Alzheimer’s and sharpens your IQ.

Now, play this game easily with the help of your smartphones anywhere and anytime. But which is the best sudoku app? It can get quite confusing to choose from hundreds of apps. So, we bring you the top 4 Sudoku apps to help exercise your brain.

  1. Sudoku by

You can spend hours on sudoku as it is that addictive. With four levels difficulty to choose from, this puzzle keeps you thoroughly engaged. When you get stuck at some point, you don’t give direct answers, but this app provides you with hints to help ease the situation and you think harder. This app comes with an auto save mode, unlimited undo and redo. You can also participate in real time competitions in this app and the app itself is very user friendly.



  1. Sudoku by Brainium Studios

This sudoku app is extremely popular and comes with a high rating. Even if you are someone who has no idea how the puzzle is solved, this app will help you master it. It comes with several levels of difficulty for you to choose from. When you ask for a hint, this app provides you with an answer and explained to you. This makes you learn the techniques of the game faster. It comes with features such as Auto save, unlimited redo and undo, auto fill, auto clear and auto error check.



  1. Sudoku by Volcano Entertainment

This Sudoku app comes with eight levels of difficulty to choose from. With various features such as unlimited undo and redo, auto save, auto fill etc. this app is a great one. It also helps you keep a track of your progress and strategy. When you opt for hints, the answer is given with an explanation to help you improve your game. This app lets you customize the theme and you can change the numeral to Roman or Chinese apart from the regular number system.



  1. Sudoku World

This is a classic sudoku puzzle that comes with four levels of difficulty and about 8000 stages. This app also comes with a challenge mode that will let you test your skills and speed. The challenge mode includes a time limit, high level of difficulty and doesn’t come with any hints or answers. This app comes with a landscape mode and a portrait mode. So, you can play this game comfortably even if you are left-handed.


Top 4 Sudoku Puzzle Apps